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Latest Fulani Braids for 2023

it’s not just about the culture, Fulani braids are beautiful, and they can give you a prettier transformation. Check out these gorgeous Fulani hairstyles below.

Latest Fulani Braids Hairstyle
Latest Fulani Braids Hairstyle

Fulani braids have become increasingly popular in recent years, thanks to their intricate designs and cultural significance. Originating from the Fulani people of West Africa, these braids come in various styles and designs, each with its unique flair. 

In recent years, this style has gained much popularity and is now a celebrated and stylish hairstyle among celebrities like Alicia Keys, Beyoncé, and Kim Kardashian.

With Fulani braids, you can try so many styles. From Ethiopian Fulani braids to Fulani braids with hearts, beads, and curls, this traditional hairstyle is sweeping across social media. We’re here to give you the tea on these exotic hairstyles.


What are Fulani Braids?

Fulani braids, also known as Fulani cornrows or tribal braids, are a traditional African hairstyle that has gained popularity in recent years. The style is characterized by a combination of thin cornrows braided close to the scalp and larger, decorative braids that hang freely.

Latest Fulani Braids Hairstyle
Latest Fulani Braids Hairstyle

The origins of Fulani braids can be traced back to the Fulani people, a pastoralist ethnic group spread across West Africa. The hairstyle is an important cultural symbol for the Fulani, representing beauty, wealth, and social status.

How to make Fulani Braids

To create Fulani braids, you want to start by sectioning your hair into thin, smaller sections and use a fine-tooth comb to ensure you detangle the strands.

How to make Fulani Braids
Fulani Braids

Next, take a small section from the hairline and divide it into three equal parts. Cross the right section under the middle one, then cross the left section under the middle one. 

Gradually add more hair from the sides and continue braiding. After a couple of braids, pinch a few extensions onto the braid. Continue braiding the hair, but be sure to leave out some unbraided hair in the centre or off to the side to form a pattern. 

Braid this part of the section until the end of the hair. Repeat the process on the other side until the braids are all complete. Style the braids with your desired accessories.

However, the style can take several hours to complete, depending on the length and thickness you wish to make. If you like caring for your braids for several weeks, Fulani braids are just what you need. 

Now you can try out these amazing hairstyles and rock to that event or occasion. You want to keep scrolling as you reveal the top Fulani braids to inspire you for your next hairdo.


Top Amazing Fulani Styles you must Try

Fulani braids come in different styles, ranging from classic to unique designs. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular styles.

  1. Ethiopian Fulani Hairstyle
Ethiopian Fulani Braids
Ethiopian Fulani Hairstyle

Ethiopian Fulani braids are a slight variation of the original Fulani braids, and their smaller size primarily distinguishes them.

These braids are much thinner and more delicate than standard Fulani braids, and they are usually adorned with intricate beadwork, cowrie shells, and gold thread.

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Ethiopian Fulani Braids
Rihanna’s Fulani Style

They are often styled in zigzag patterns (a symbol of the Ethiopian markings)  and some braids fall across the face, making for a signature look.

The Ethiopian Fulani braids are best with black synthetic hair to capture the beautiful dimensions it creates. However, you can opt for coloured hair extensions to add a pop of colour and a touch of personality. 

This Hairstyle is usually cornrowed into a pattern that can be styled upwards, downwards, or sideways.

 This style is perfect if you want to add a touch of tribal flair to your look. These braids are ideal for semi-formal events, given their delicate patterns and intricacy.

  1. Fulani Style with Heart
Fulani Braids with Heart
Fulani Style with Heart

One of the most unique twists on traditional Fulani braids is adding a heart to the design. This variation involves incorporating braids that form a heart shape within the overall braid styles. 

This creates the impression that the braid has a heart edging, which adds a romantic touch to the overall hairstyle.

Fulani Braids with Heart
Fulani Style with Heart

To achieve Fulani braids with a heart, you have to braid with heart-shaped edges that can be decorated with beads, cowrie shells, and other embellishments to bring out the unique design even more and a beautiful touch. 

This style is perfect if you want to show off your romantic side. You can rock this style to romantic outings, weddings, and festivals and steal the show.

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  1. Fulani Braids with Beads
Fulani Braids with Beads
Fulani Braids with Beads

Beaded Fulani braids are among the most popular Fulani braids styles, and it’s a trend that has continued to thrive in the hair fashion world. 

Beads can be added to the ends of the braids or woven into the hair itself. The beads come in different colours, shapes, and sizes that can be chosen to coordinate with your outfit’s colour to create a cohesive look.

Fulani Braids with Beads
Fulani Hairstyle with Beads

Beadwork enhances the overall aesthetic vibe of the braid while also giving it an appealing texture that is fun to run your fingers through. To ensure your braids stand out and grab attention,  black extensions will do the trick. They are perfect for adding glamour, shine, and elegance to your hair, making you stand out wherever you go.

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  1. Fulani Braids with Curls
Fulani Braids with Curls

Fulani braids with curls are a winning combo of traditional Fulani braids with the added flavour of classic curls. This style entails infusing curls with individual braids to frame the face, and it’s ideal for drawing attention to just how beautiful and lively your overall hairstyle is.

Fulani Braids with Curls
Fulani Hairstyle with Curls

Fulani braids with curls can be styled up, down, sideways, in different shapes, or as a mix of different curl types. This unique style brings out the beauty of both Fulani braids and curly hair, giving you an extraordinary look that’s perfect for everyday wear or formal events.

  1. Tribal Fulani Braids
Tribal Fulani Braids
Tribal Fulani Braids

Tribal Fulani braids feature unique patterns that symbolize tribal culture, giving this hairstyle a deeply significant cultural meaning. Some tribal patterns include geometric shapes, swirls, and lines, each with a different cultural meaning. 

These braids are often styled upwards, sideways, or downwards. If you want to create more dimensions, add beads, cowrie shells, and gold thread and you’ll activate the chic look. 

Tribal Fulani Braids
Tribal Fulani Braids

Tribal Fulani braids are ideal for occasions that require a representation of culture, such as cultural events, festivals, or family gatherings.

Tribal Fulani braids are another. So, when next you have a cultural event, don’t hesitate to activate this beauty to show off your cultural heritage.

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  1. Fulani Braids with Design
Fulani Braids with Design
Fulani Braids with Design

Fulani braids with designs are diverse and can include nearly any pattern you can think of. Some popular design patterns include triangles, zigzag, and diamond-shaped designs, among others. They are usually incorporated along the edges of the braids and are enhanced with beads, cowrie shells, and gold thread to create vibrant patterns.

The designs in the patterns vary from simple shapes to complex, mixed with swirls, curves, and lines. They are a perfect choice for weddings, festivals, and formal events. To level up your look, you can add different colour extensions and enhance the braid artwork.

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  1. Fulani Braids with knotless
Fulani Braids with knotless
Fulani Braids with knotless

This style entails using knotless braids, which are much more comfortable and easier to install. The braids are styled individually, allowing for full range and thickness control.

You can wear this to any event and still, the moment, don’t forget to activate your braids with cowrie and gold thread, the beauty is giving.

  1. Fulani Braids Ponytail
Fulani Braids Ponytail
Fulani Braids Ponytail

This style involves placing your braids into a sleek ponytail that can be styled upwards, sideways, or downwards, depending on your preference, occasion, and overall style.

How to Maintain Your  Fulani Braid

To maintain your Fulani braids, you need to keep your scalp and surrounding hair clean. ensure that you wash your hair regularly with a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, moisturize your hair with oil or butter, and keep your hair neat and fresh by rebranding your loose strands. 


What do Fulani braids symbolize?

Fulani braids, also known as Bo braids or tribal braids, are a traditional hairstyle originating from the Fulani people of West Africa. In Fulani culture, braids symbolise social status, wealth, and beauty. The intricate patterns and styles of the braids can also signify the age, marital status, and tribal affiliation of the wearer.

What did Kim Kardashian call Fulani braids?

In January 2018, Kim Kardashian received criticism for referring to her Fulani-inspired braids as “Bo Derek braids” in a tweet and on social media. Actress Bo Derek had famously worn similar braids in the 1979 film “10”. Kardashian’s comments were seen as culturally insensitive and appropriating a hairstyle with deep cultural significance.

What is the common hairstyle for Fulani?

The most common hairstyle for Fulani women is braids, often styled into intricate patterns and adorned with beads and cowrie shells. The braids may be pulled back into a ponytail or bun, or left loose and flowing. Men may also wear braids, but they are usually simpler in style.

What is the common hairstyle for Fulani?

Fulani braids are a traditional hairstyle associated with the Fulani people, who are a nomadic ethnic group found throughout West Africa. The hairstyle is particularly popular in countries such as Senegal, Mali, Guinea, and Nigeria, where the Fulani people have a significant presence. However, the style has also gained popularity outside of Africa, particularly in the United States, where it is sometimes called “tribal” or “ethnic” braids.


Fulani braids are a stylish and unique way to rock your natural hair. With the styles outlined in this article, you can choose the perfect style that suits your taste and personality. 

The braids are easy to maintain and can last for several weeks, making it a perfect low-maintenance protective style. 

Whether you want to add tribal flair to your look or show off your romantic side, Fulani braids are the perfect choice.  So next time you’re looking for a chic yet cultural hairstyle, Fulani braids should be at the top of your list.

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