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They call it pension – Nigerian lawyer advises married women to stop begging for money from their ex, says it is an insult to husbands

On social media, a Nigerian lawyer and activist expressed her belief that it is wrong for married women to ask their ex-boyfriends for money.

She argued that doing so is disrespectful to their spouse and advised those who engage in the practice to stop immediately in order to preserve their marriage.

The lawyer also suggested that such requests could lead to temptations or strange demands from the lender and may potentially open the door to adultery.

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Husband should also take care of their wives

In her statement, she wrote, “Married women should stop begging their exes for money. It is an insult to your husband and creates opportunities for adultery.”

Needless to say, her tweet has evokes a variety of reactions from users. Some of them are shown below:

Senator Shehu Sani: “My sister, they call it Pension.”

NCnkeli: “Husband should take full responsibilities of their wives”

Samuel Akpama: “Of course adultery will step in after they will say is the work of devil, rather it’s greedines”

@grant_tile: “True. But they want some sort of pension.”

@real_Abdulkrm: “Circumstances.”

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Nigerian lawyer – I wash my husband’s clothes and cook fresh meals daily

Meanwhile, Princess Jemaimah, a Nigerian attorney, disclosed that she regularly washes her husband’s clothes. 

Princess shared the information on Facebook while highlighting some of the additional obligations and responsibilities she holds in her marital home. 

Additionally, she said that she cleans the house every day and holds the bowl for him to wash his hands while she gives him food.