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Allow her enjoy her time – Liberian Chef, set to break Hilda Baci’s Guinness Cooking Record

A Liberian chef, Wonyean Aloycious, has embarked on a mission to challenge Nigerian chef Hilda Baci’s cooking record.

Hilda made headlines after cooking for over 100 hours by Indian chef Lata Tondon, who currently still holds the record.

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Hilda Baci breaks World cooking record
Chef Hilda Bacci breaks World cooking record

In a recent development shared by Liberian Music Industry on Facebook, the renowned chef from Liberia, has promised to break the record.

Social media users has in turn slammed the Liberian chef for trying to break her record immediately and not giving her a little time to enjoy her shine.

Liberian chef and Hilda Baci
Liberian chef attempting to break Hilda Bacci’s World cooking record.

Liberian Music Industry revealed that the chef has already gone seven hours to catch up with chef Hilda.

The post read: “Famous Liberian chef Wonyean Aloycious Gaye says he’s ready to challenge the Nigerian lady, Hilda Baci. He has already gone 7 hours to catch up with Hilda. We can break her record.”

Buhari applauds Hilda Baci as she finally breaks world record for longest cooking time

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