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I find it more disgusting that his mother controls him – Life coach Laila St. Daniel-Mathew reacts to footballer Hakimi’s divorce

Reports that Moroccan footballer Achraf Hakimi’s mother, Fatima, was in charge of the player’s riches prompted a response from life coach Laila St. Daniel-Mathew.

The 24-year-old Moroccan player, who is reportedly among the highest-paid in Ligue 1, recently made the rounds online with the news that he owns nothing.

According to the allegations, Hiba Abouk, Hakimi’s wife, filed for divorce and asked to get half of his fortune.

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However, her lawyer told her that Hakimi had no assets because he had given his mother’s name to all of his holdings.

Women’s rights advocate Laila shared her thoughts on the story in a post on her Facebook page.

She’s part of him

“I see so many nasty comments, mostly by men, towards Hakimi’s wife asking the courts to grant her half his wealth. For crying out loud SHE IS HIS WIFE AND THEY HAVE TWO SONS?” she wrote.

“She can ask for anything because she is part of him – it is left to the courts to decide. I find it MORE DISGUSTING that his MOTHER CONTROLS him! A grown man? All these men talking – is that what they do? A man tied to his mother’s wrapper? Probably she is the cause of whatever issues has led to this divorce!

“Which woman will be happy that everything that happens in her home is controlled by the mother of her husband? Even if she brought him up and was part of his success – it is wrong and very calculating of Hakimi also. I am sure if she has a GOOD €lawyer – she can collect a good alimony for herself and her sons.” She wrote.

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Leaving with nothing – Aschraf Hakimi’s wife won’t get a dime after divorce

Meanwhile, Achraf Hakimi’s wife, Hiba Abouk will get no divorce payout after filing for a divorce from the star over allegations of infidelity.

She had filed for a dissolution of their two year old union and demanded half the footballers assets in divorce settlement.

Seeking an equal share of his €70 million net worth upon separation, she was informed that documents showed all his assets belonged to his mum.