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Falling asleep at the crime scene – Little boy falls asleep while eating milo from tin, gets caught in funny video

A little boy fell asleep at the scene of the crime while he was devouring Milo as seen in a humorous TikTok video.

The boy’s hand was inside the tin with his palm covered in Milo stains. His clothes and face were also plastered with dried Milo.

The little boy’s head sagged to one side, as he dozed off heavily after consuming the dried beverage.

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The adult that caught him removed his hand from the tin but the boy didn’t wake up as he was fast asleep.

In the video, another kid’s hand was visible, indicating that two individuals had caught him. 

Even Falana can’t defend you on this

Netizens were thrown into fits of laughter and made hilarious comments about the little boy’s state.

D Loml: “Your honour, my client here was framed. He can’t even finish a sachet of Milo… this is a conspiracy my honour.” 

Your baby: “Falling asleep at the crime scene.” 

Eloho Faith525: “I can remember the day I drank my dad don Simon OMO na so I sleep for crime scene my papa wait make I wake up ooo.”

Bag_Of_Cheese01: “This is how you will catch some men red handed but dem go still deny.” 

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Little Boy Rejects Noodles, Says He’s A Grown Man Now

Meanwhile, a little boy got netizens laughing after he rejected the noodles his mother gave him, saying he’s now a grown man.

In the funny clip on TikTok, the child outrightly told his mother that he can’t eat noodles because he’s a grown man.

He firmly stated that boys shouldn’t eat noodles, let alone a grown man like himself.

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