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When will you marry me? – Little boy puts his mother on the spot with hot questions, netizens crack up

A little boy put his mother in a tough spot when he asked her when she will marry him.

The young boy caused a stir online because of the barrage of questions he innocently asked his mother.

In the funny TikTok video, the child lay down and asked his mother why she married his father.


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She simply told him that she loved his father that’s why she married him. However, this was only the beginning as he probed even further.

His last question got netizens rolling as he asked when his mother would marry him.

He said, “But you always say you love me, when are you going to marry me?”

The mum was stuck as she couldn’t give him a response at the end of the clip.

Netizens had solutions to the woman’s dilemma but some took the opportunity to laugh heartily at the child’s curiosity.

florencezichallie wrote: “Tell him mom when are you going to marry him so cute.”

Marie Ertha Arcene said: ”Ummmm….maamm….its a valid question……and I believe he is waiting for his answer.”

wa july added: “Good question it shows the clever of baby just start limiting some issues from him.”

sabri_farouq stated: “This is very normal in the growth and development of a boy child to the mother.”

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In the funny clip posted on TikTok, the little boy walked behind his mother, holding his little waist.

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