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The pressa is getting wessa – Long distance interracial couple reunites after 8 Months apart, share passionate kiss

A long distance interracial couple gained social traction after a husband left his wife in Kenya for eight months while traveling for work to Doha, Qatar. 

From the initial day of the eight-month period to the very last day, the woman described every moment she spent waiting for her husband to come home. 

The long distance couple exchanged passionate hugs after kissing at the airport where the wife had traveled with her friends to meet her husband. 

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The husband at the end of the clip likewise demonstrated his pleasure upon reuniting with his wife. 

Social media reactions

Many social media users who saw the story were moved by the long distance interracial couple’s love and wished they too had such a relationship.

@Macuso45 wrote: “Can’t wait to see mine.” 

@RuthNJauE also said: “Long distance relationship are very painful l’m happy for you.”

@Waklnah also responded: “My trust issues can’t allow me to trust that men out there and also believe they don’t be cheating. cOZ you’ll never know what they capable of.”

@dellakamau18 commented: “It’s getting worse de pressure.” 

@shatlahnansubuga also commented: “Enjoy love.” 


#CapCut #ldr #celebrategoodness its been alot of months away from each other and we finally got to meet again

♬ Celebrate the Good Times – Mason

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Long-distance relationship: Very tall Nigerian man flaunts petite lover

Meanwhile, the relationship between a very tall Nigerian man and his petite babe has stirred a lot of reactions online.

The man posted photos of himself and the woman being so close and loved up on TikTok to reveal their relationship to the public.

In one of the pictures, the woman appeared in a graduation gown, indicating that they had been dating for some time, possibly even since she was a student.