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Long-distance relationship: Very tall Nigerian man flaunts petite lover on social media

The relationship between a very tall Nigerian man and his petite babe has stirred a lot of reactions online.

The man posted photos of himself and the woman being so close and loved up on TikTok to reveal their relationship to the public.

In one of the pictures, the woman appeared in a graduation gown, indicating that they had been dating for some time, possibly even since she was a student.

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They have a son

He was pictured in the TikTok video playing with a toddler who was presumably their child. Yet, the man would not say whether or not they were wed.

A scene from the TikTok post showed him playing with a toddler believed to be their child. The man did not, however, confirm if they were married.

Some netizens likened their relationship to the Biblical story of David and Goliath. Some ladies loved the man’s height and sent him nice words.

Reactions: Capital A & small A

The post stirred different reactions from netizens, with many talking about the height difference between the couple. See reactions below:

@mharinahpinky2: David and Goliath ?

@kahunadollarsigns01: Capital A & small a ?

@favymyke: True meaning of long distance relationship?

@donrammy241: Cute couples but ur man is tall I pray God give me someone like him ??

@chiemeriemillicent: She’s your daughter right??

@cuteanna09__: Awwww ??.. this is cute ? ❤??

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A petite lady finds love with the tallest man in her country

A petite lady has caused many reactions online as the love of her life, “Thabelo Glen Madiba,” popularly regarded as the tallest man in South Africa, paraded her as his girlfriend.

7 feet and 1 inch (2.159 metres) Thabelo Madiba, on Twitter, posted a picture of himself and his girlfriend (Funzo Mukwevho), who is just 1.5 metres.

Despite the difference in height between the two, their love seems to wax stronger and stronger, as displayed on social media.