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Magun, The Great Cuckold Killer

If you’re Nigerian, you’ve probably heard of magun and how it works. If you’re Yoruba, you’ve definitely heard of it.

And if you’re a steady Africa Magic Yoruba viewer, you probably have the recipe somewhere, which means you can close this article now so you won’t make fun of me for whatever I get wrong. Because this article is not for you.

No, this article is for people who have heard about magun and are wondering how its purported superpowers work. I mean, how authentic is a charm that makes a man start crowing like a cock (pun not intended) for sleeping with another man’s wife?

See? You’re also interested now. So, without further ado, let’s get on with it.

What is Magun?

Magun is one of the most popular and widely feared Yoruba charms, especially among women. In fact, one could say it is one of the things that women really fear.

That there should make you very curious, because, unless you’ve been living under an especially large rock recently, you must have heard of the trending phrase fear women. And not just ordinary fear o, active fear. In fact, according to Gelett Burgess

Therefore, if women are to be feared 25/8/367, then what power does magun have that it can strike fear into the heart of the feared? Well, that’s because of its core mission, which is to stop adultery.

Now, I’m not going to go into the whole debate of why the charm is focused on cheating women alone, or who cheats more between men and women; you can check out our articles on those subjects below…

No, brethren, we are gathered here today to discuss magun and magun only.

Origin and Nature

Also known as thunderbolt, magun originated from the Yoruba people of South-West Nigeria and literally translates to do not climb. Infidelity is taboo in Yoruba land and Nigeria as a whole, therefore, in their infinite wisdom, the elders came up with a charm to curb promiscuity, especially among women.

And despite its origin, people from all over the country use it, especially when they suspect a woman of adultery.

Magun works in a very simple way; it is placed on a woman’s body, often without her consent and usually by her husband. However, in certain cases, parents also place the charm on their daughters to curb their promiscuity and also punish anyone who rapes them.

The charm usually takes the form of a broomstick or thread, placed on a doorstep or anywhere for the woman to cross over. Cheating on her husband while the charm is active in her body results in dire consequences like affliction with strange illnesses or even death. Also, the man she cheated with is also affected by a range of strange effects like unending thirst, crowing like a rooster, enlargement of the private part, and somersaulting, among others.

All lead to death eventually.

Another consequence of magun, and probably the most visible, is the embarrassment it brings. Especially for those that leave both unfaithful individuals stuck together until whoever placed the charm removes it.

Magun, The Great Cuckold Killer - battabox.com

Magun’s potency, duration, and effects on a woman’s body depend on the maker’s skill. The normal duration is seven days, during which any other man asides from her husband that has intercourse with her will face some serious music. And in case you were wondering, no, it doesn’t affect the husband if she meets with him during that period.

That would just be plain dumb of the elders to make a charm that has no such loophole. And as we all know, the elders are not dumb. You didn’t hear otherwise from me.

However, the one drawback of the charm is that if the woman is faithful but doesn’t have s3x within that period, she could die.

Types of magun

According to Elewude, there are 10 types of magun, which include:

  • Cold magun or perpetual ailment-inducing magun
  • Earth grave-forbidden
  • Never cross over water
  • Race or fighting competition-forbidden
  • Somersault magun
  • Penis atrophy
  • Penis-cutting
  • Thirst magun
  • Tuberculosis producing
  • Walnut-eating-forbidden

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However, these are the most popular among the Yorubas:

  • Somersault magun: This causes the offending man who sleeps with a charmed woman to start somersaulting. Once he hits a hat trick, he dies.
  • Penis cutting: Activates during s3xual intercourse and glues the culprits together; they will remain that way until the person who placed the charm casts a separation spell. Most times, the culprits are publicly humiliated.
  • Thirst magun: Affects the man by making him unnaturally thirsty. This thirst grows and grows until he drinks himself to drowning. There is also another variant that makes the man crow like a cock; he dies after the hat trick.

How to prepare magun

Now, before I proceed, I should mention that I am not a native doctor. Not only that, but I do not have one on speed dial. Hence, none of what you’re about to read can be verified.

S.I. Fabarebo, Ph.D. postulates that, since the charm’s peculiarity determines its rites, substances, and spell, there are diverse incantations to different types of magun. It is the ultimate object of magun that determines the spell, which in turn indicates the direction of magun operation, all on the basis of the homeopathic principle.

I’m just repeating what Mr. Fadarebo said

Fadarebo also goes further to share incantations for two types of magun, the agbejepa variant and the jakojapon variant (ask your Yoruba friends to translate what jakojapon means).

  • For the agbejepa: It is the day the snail touches the salt that it must die. Whoever fucks my wife must die the same day.
  • For the jakojapon: It is forbidden to eat the cobra’s gall bladder. Whoever fucks my wife with me (name) has eaten the gallbladder of the cobra and must die.

In both cases, the spell is the verbal element. It is the activating principle that stirs the potency in magun, which is aimed at teleguiding the forces with one’s design in mind.

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In conclusion: Is Magun Real?

Who’s to say what is real and what is not? Reality, some would say, is an illusion. A subjective and contextual illusion that dwells within and is by its nature so abstract, yet so very real.

Confused? Hahaha! Mission accomplished.

Unfortunately, I can neither confirm nor disprove the authenticity of magun, because while the world is a big place full of weird and inexplicable things, I try to stick to the rational side of it. So yes, some might argue for or against it – some would even claim to have seen it in action, but I’m just here to write on a fun topic.

Again, it bears repeating that this is not a guidebook or magun cookbook. There is no concrete evidence behind the spells listed above, but if by any chance they work…

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