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Man who was bullied and expelled from several schools, bags a Doctorate degree

A strong, dedicated and determined African-American, Dr Isaiah L. White, Sr. despite having multiple learning disabilities successfully got a Doctorate degree from Wilmington University in New Castle, Delaware.

Dr Isiah who was bullied and told by his teachers that he would end up as nothing has done otherwise as he bags a Doctorate degree regardless of the struggle he faced.

He shared his story in a book titled In A Class Called Special, where he explained his struggle in school.

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In his book, Dr Isiah shared his disabilities some of which are dyslexia, dyscalculia, audio processing disorder and many more while also adding that his condition led to him being destructive which resulted in several schools suspending or worse expelling him.

He added that at one point in his life, he attempted suicide, and also mentioned that he was really poor back then but he kept pushing.

Dr Isiah who has faced worse things in life didn’t give up and not only graduated from college with a 2.3 GPA but also bagged his bachelor’s degree with a 2.9 GPA.

The successful man who now travels the world to share his story graduated with his doctorate degree in education with a 3.79 GPA in May 2019.

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14-year-old black girl bags Master’s degree in Engineering

Meanhwile, a brilliant girl named Dorothy Jean Tillman bagged a Master’s degree at age 14. She achieved it at Unity College in Maine, United States.

The teenager hails from Chicago, United States ab has had an astounding academic history that begins at babyhood.

When she was just 8 months old, she began talking. At age 4, she had already started doing maths.

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