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My pastor told me you were bad luck: Married man goes down on his knees to beg ex-girlfriend he dumped

A Nigerian married man went down on his knees to plead with his ex-girlfriend for abandoning her while they were dating.

In a TikTok video, the unidentified young man was accompanied by a content creator to meet the lady.

The married guy explained that he had offended her and was there to plead for her forgiveness because his marriage has been going through several problems ever since he dumped her.

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In explanation, the ex-girlfriend shared that they were together for 6 years; however, when the man’s pastor prayed for him regarding their future together, he was informed that she would be bad luck to him, so he dumped her without thinking twice.

I just handed him over to God- Lady confessed

She narrated that the breakup led to her losing a child she was carrying and, in reaction, handed him over to God.

The man, however, believed that she was the cause of the problems in his marital home, stating that ever since he married his wife, she has been unable to bear a child.

The young lady immediately countered that dumping her with nothing and without a place to stay, she only handed over to God.

The man asked if the ex-girlfriend wanted something to ease her heart, but she explained that she was fine with her life and she doesn’t want anything from him, adding that she had already forgiven him as it was already in the past.


After dating her for 6 years his pastor said he should not marry her that she has bad luck

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Lady meets nice guy she dumped years ago as an interviewer

Meanwhile, a young lady named Rylie Jouett incidentally ran into a man she dumped many years ago at a job interview that she desperately needed.

The ex-girlfriend narrated that it became awkward after the young man she had ‘history’ with called to schedule an interview and realised who she was. He wanted to refer her to someone else to interview her to avoid conflicts of interest.

However, Rylie Jouett insisted that he be the one to interview her, insisting that they are both adults and should move past what had happened between them in the past.

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