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Miraculous escape: Man walks away unscathed from horrific car crash

In a heart-stopping incident caught on video a young man miraculously escaped without a scratch after his Lamborghini sports car collided with a truck.

From the widely shared video, spectators at the scene were left in awe as they witnessed the unbelievable sight of the car wedged beneath the truck.

With the aid of quick-thinking bystanders, the driver’s side door was pried open, revealing a surprising sigh. The driver had been shielded by the car’s airbag, effectively protecting him from harm.

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Astonishingly, despite the sheer impact of the crash, the resilient driver calmly exited the vehicle as if nothing had happened. He did this while ensuring the safety of his personal belongings like his phone and wallet.

The incredible footage of the accident quickly went viral, captivating social media users who were amazed by the driver’s fortunate escape.

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Portable Narrowly Escapes Kidnap and Assassination in Italy

In other news, Portable called out some Nigerian music promoters in Italy for allegedly mistreating him when they booked him to perform in Italy.

He recounted his encounter with them, including how they exposed him to danger and life-threatening situations.

He further advised his colleagues to avoid dealing with such music promoters.