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Na ChatGPT write the letter? – Nigerian man exposes girlfriend for lengthy, manufactured breakup text

A Nigerian man identified as Brahima has gone on social media to share a carefully crafted and lengthy WhatsApp message he received from his girlfriend, announcing their breakup.

The young man shared on Twitter, the breakup message he received from his girlfriend, which appeared to be well thought out and too organized to have originated from her.

The message conveyed the girlfriend’s regret over the split, expressed hope that her partner would handle it well, wished him the best, and suggested that he concentrate on improving himself.

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I hope we can find peace

The write-up went on to suggest that the couple’s paths had started to diverge, and they were both looking for different things in life.

The lady wished her former partner the best and suggested that he focus on bettering himself. She also made it clear that the breakup was not a reflection of his worth or their time together.

Her words:

“…Please understand that this decision was not easy for me to make. I truly care about you, and I value the time we’ve spent together. However, I believe it’s crucial for both of us to find happiness and fulfilment individually. I want you to know that this breakup is not a reflection of your worth or our time together.

“Sometimes, life takes us in different directions, and it’s important to listen to our hearts and follow our own paths. I sincerely wish you all the happiness and success in the future. You deserve someone who can give you the love and support you need.

“Take this time to focus on yourself and pursue your dreams. Thank you for everything we shared. I will always cherish the memories we created together. I hope we can find peace and healing as we move forward separately. Take care of yourself.”

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Netizens react: Truly na copy and paste

Social media users have flooded Brahima’s tweet to air their opinions on the lady’s note to him. Many of them believed that it was not authentic. Below are some reactions:

@GJenny: “I began to wonder if 2 people wrote the messages. The breakup episode is so tush and coordinated, the response is scattered.”

@jon_d_doe: “Her new boyfriend wrote that heartbreak text for her. You’ll later find this out.”

@Nwaokoro Valentine: “Abi she used chatGPT take write breakup letter? Speedy recovery and all the best bro. May you find peace indeed!”

@ELEMA_Francis: “Truly na copy paste.”

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Girlfriend Says Yes to Controversial Marriage Proposal

Meanwhile, a young man decided to go all in to propose to his girlfriend in an unusual manner.

In the video that is currently trending online, it seemed the boyfriend had made arrangements with some people to assault him. 

In a video of the proposal that is making the rounds, it captured the scene where they were requesting some debts he owed. 

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