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How many lives this guy get: Man faces hot heat as he stands tall on horse running at full speed

A Nigerian man has left many netizens holding their breaths as he stood tall on a horse running with a full sprint.

In a video making the rounds on the net, the man was captured flaunting his skills as he stood proud on the horse’s back while it sprinted on the main road.

Although Northerners are known to perform stunts like this on horses during a traditional ceremony as it is a big part of their culture and tradition.

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Hausa man riding horse

However, Nigerians were still shuffling in their seats scared for the man’s life but the man who was performing this dangerous action seemed so unbothered as he does his stunts with a smile.

He rode on the animal’s back for several minutes then smoothly sat down on the horse’s back and continued his journey.

Reactions: Hey brother Benald!!

The video was also posted by @mufasatundeednut, a Nigerian blogger and many people started talking. While some clapped and praised the young man for his skills, others feared for his life as they mentioned things that could have happened. See some comments below;

@don_mamakay: Omo I need that horse here in America for horse racing 🏇 to make money 💰 he so fast🤔

@sirlammz01: John wick no do pass this

@princespidoofficial:Me patiently waiting to hear “hey brother benald

@wendy_adammaaaaa:Una go just Dey r!sk una life

@the__ademide: Osheyyyyyyy Bahubali

@chym___amaka: When it goes south now they’ll start saying is innocent devil wey dey him own 🤭🙄🙄 just dey play 😂😂

@kemmie__kemm: Haaaaa how many life u get oga aboki 😂

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Nigerian man pulls unbelievable stunt with crates of eggs

Ina another news, netizens were shocked after watching the viral video of a Nigerian man who walked on eggs without breaking any.

Knowing how fragile eggs are, the video raised many suspicions in the hearts of many social media users. In fact, more than being in shock, many began to doubt if eggs had ever been fragile.

After people watched the video, they put into consideration the weight of the man and the obvious fact that he was a grown man. This was the primary reason for their disbelief.

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