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Man shares incredible transformation in viral TikTok video

A video showcasing a man’s transformation that he shared on TikTok has garnered responses from viewers.

The man identified as @trickyfreshy on TikTok left users in doubt after making the post. Several users struggled to trust the man in the video after noticing a significant difference in appearance between his old and new photos.

Nonetheless, the man appeared more interested in showing off his transformation after five years.

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I don’t understand

The man in the old photograph had a sturdy demeanour and visible wrinkles, but in the new pictures, there were differences. This was what left many users in doubt of the post was real.

In the current video, he appeared youthful, with a smooth complexion noticeably different from his appearance five years ago.

Many TikTok users rushed to the comment section to air their opinions and express their disbelief. Some of the comments read:

@celdakayembe: “How do you lie to use without hesitation?”

@rita_uche: “I don’t think this is a transformation, it’s a miracle.”             

@flex: “I don’t know why I cried. I’m happy you are ok.”

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Little boy with unusual blue eyes goes viral on TikTok

In another news, a handsome little boy from Jejeti village became a viral sensation on TikTok for his amazing blue eyes.

The little boy in a red dusty shirt, maybe from playing, was noticed by a TikTok user, Kingbygone, for his beautiful blue eyes.

He had met the boy in one of the villages in Jejeti, Ghana, and was mesmerised by his unusual eye colour.