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Do me, I do you man no go vex – Man shocks girlfriend with wedding invitation, after she confessed to accepting another man’s proposal

  • A Nigerian man dropped the bomb on his girlfriend after she confessed she accepted another man’s proposal.
  • He countered her with his wedding invitation to another lady.
  • Netizens were amazed by the games they played with each other.

Netizens were in awe after a Nigerian man shocked his girlfriend with his wedding invitation in response to her accepting another man’s proposal.

The woman in the viral video texted her boyfriend an emotional voicemail to let him know that she had consented to marry the man her family had chosen for her.

The woman, who made anguished and sobbing noises, begged for his forgiveness for betraying him and pleaded with him to find room in his heart to pardon her.

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She claimed that although she had been compelled by her family to accept the marriage, she had no desire to wed her fiancé.

Unexpectedly, her lover asked for her forgiveness after learning of her confession and revealed that he was also getting married to someone else.

He admitted that he had previously wed his secret girlfriend in a formal ceremony and had even sent her a copy of the invitation.

The boyfriend encouraged her to go to his wedding with her future husband, who was clearly unfazed by her plans to marry another man.

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Moments Nigerian lady rejects man’s proposal on signing out day

Meanwhile, a video of a fresh graduate turning down a young man’s marriage proposal has left many disappointed.

On a signing-out day, the young woman was captured in a video that has gone viral blatantly rebuffing the proposal of a lover boy.

The Nigerian lady dressed in her white disgraced a man who had come to her location to propose to her with a cake and a car.