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I can work any work: Nigerian man surprises many with his one-line CV for N800k job

A man’s optimism and boldness has left many dropping their jaws after his one-line CV found its way to the internet.

In a TikTok video that was posted by the username, @mostcool_hr, the one-page CV of the young man, Keneth was captured.

According to the TikTok user who is the HR of an unidentified company, Keneth applied for a job for N800,000 salary per month.

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However, instead of writing a structured CV to impress employers, Keneth only wrote a hilarious one-line statement.

“I’m Keneth from Nigeria, I can work any work, I’m 23 years old,” he said.

Man surprises many with his one-line CV

The antics of the young man surprised the HR who immediately corrected that as much as his optimist was admired, it was wrong for him to do such because no employer will ever take the applicant seriously.

“I like the optimism but let’s be honest nawww. Don’t do this, no recruiter will ever take you serious. Alwasy send a structured CV,” she said.

Reactions: Him for use ChatGPT instead of his one-line CV

The video had many people in shock. While others defended him that he was probably tired of applying for jobs, others sarcastically gave options instead of his one-line CV. See some comments below;

@🅿️uriche: can’t blame Kenneth, the amount of stress job application takes? yoo

@King Jashua🤴🏾: At least, this got your attention from the bunch of cover letters you skimmed through. 🌚

@crenerit: Him for just use ChatGPT t instead of him one-line CVhat would have greatly increased his odds 😂😂😂😂😂

@joy75921: After writing long essay, they no go still consider u

@🍒: “I can work any work” 😭😭

@BALATHEish: Idan nor dey give write CV give job, na job dey right CV give am😏😂

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Nigerian man finally realize the reason he started getting so many job offers

Meanwhile, a Nigerian man took on social media to showcase a fresh Curriculum Vitae (CV) style that was successful for him.

The young man claimed that he had sent out numerous resumes to various employers but had received no response.

After updating his CV to a specific format that he presented on TikTok, he unexpectedly started to receive numerous job offers.

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