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Man takes revenge after finding out his girlfriend was cheating, slept with all her friends and cousins

A Nigerian man took his sweet revenge on his ex-girlfriend after he found out that she had been cheating on him.

A Twitter user, @masterpiece5ive explained how his friend pulled off his revenge without being caught by his estranged woman.

Apparently, the young man was dating a lady who had been cheating on him and found out after a message popped up on her smartphone while he was holding it.

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The smart man saw the message entailing the sex she had with another man the other day and he quickly acted like he had no idea she was cheating.

He did introduction with his new lady while still dating her

He continued dating her but started dating another woman while taking his revenge by sleeping with all her friends and cousins.

The young man even did his introduction with his new girlfriend while still dating the woman who cheated.

“He blocked her on all his social media platforms to post his introduction pictures. Yet, the old gf never knew. After like three months cos his wedding was approaching then he decided to take her out for the last time. While driving her home, he told her she played he a big game,” he said.

After taking his revenge, he later told her a few days before his wedding that he knows what she has been doing behind his back and also explained what he had also done.

The devastated lady burst into tears and apologized but the man refused and days after the man confessed everything she landed in the hospital.

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All men cheat but women should not cheat back – Rapper Blueface

Meanwhile, American rapper and lyricist, Jonathan Jamall Porter, popularly known by his stage name Blueface shared a controversial relationship tip.

In his interview with Rap TV, the rapper asserted that all men cheat and stated that it was perfectly normal and expected. He brought empowerment to the gender to be unfaithful in their relationships.

In his opinion and defense, every man has cheated on his significant other at one point or another.

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