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I shall be the head and not the tail – Married woman eats fish head serves husband fish tail, fight erupts

A young man recently took to Twitter to recount a rather peculiar incident involving his neighbours, a married couple who got into a fight over fish head.

According to the young man’s tweet, his mother had to intervene and separate the couple during the early hours of the morning, around 2 am.

The cause of their disagreement was the fact that the wife had consumed the head of the fish, leaving her husband with only the tail.

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It is believed to bring bad omen in some cultures

In his words:

“If I told you my parents settled a couple’s fight around 2 am, the origin being that she ate the head of the fish before he returned from work and served him the tail, would you believe? This is why I keep hammering on socialization. Cos there is no way hormones or perceived naturality was responsible for the importance a 40+ man places on the head of fish.”

The tweet has garnered a trail of reactions from users of the microblogging platform. Many saw the incident as being quite hilarious. Here are some reactions:

@thegabejamie: “And here’s me, wondering why he’s angry at receiving the best part of the fish.”

@Temit0pe__: “this head and tail thing ehnnn, I was surprised when I found out head of fish was specially for father’s in some households because my dad doesn’t even eat fish head.”

@hyperopique: “There are some traditions that strongly forbids the head of the family (A man) to eat the tail of fish. It is believed to bring bad omen to the man’s life.

@DChef_Boss: “Man took “you shall be the Head and not the tail” too personal”

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Woman exposes advances from married neighbour

In another story, a Nigerian woman took the bold step to expose the intimate messages she received from her married neighbour.

The leaked conversation trending online disclosed that the neighbour initiated advances toward her via WhatsApp. However, she firmly rebuffed his attempts.

What made this revelation all the more extraordinary was the reasoning behind the neighbor’s confession. He confided in the woman that he harbored feelings for her, spurred on by a peculiar dream he experienced.