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What should I do? – Married woman who is childless cries out after catching husband cheating red-handed

A married woman, Mary Musunza, shared a distressing account of her life two years after tying the knot with her spouse.

Mary took to Facebook and implored other users for guidance. She revealed that her husband had other women he valued, and he would make phone calls to them while she was present.

When she confronted him about his infidelity, he threatened to leave their home with all his possessions.

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Netizens react: He is just fooling you

Here are some reactions from concerned users on Facebook:

Maidabe Nathan Bege: “Keep trusting God and be prayerful to Him for intervention. Just that and don’t retaliate to your husband attitude let him be so that God will fight your battle easily”

Avissey Williams: “He is not womanising because you are unable to give him babies, he will still do it even after giving them to him”

Pious Becky Dumo: “he is just fooling u”

Chinaza Jacinta: “Just 2 yrs?? Achawo dey is eyes biko, He is not the husband for u , God will bring the best”

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I was a virgin when I married but I have been cheating on my husband

In another tale of infidelity, a 31-year-old woman lamented the fact that she was cheating on her spouse and finding it difficult to stop.

When she was married to him three years ago, she admitted that she was a virgin, but in February 2022, she started dating two other guys.

The woman posted about her challenging circumstance on NGL, a website where users could anonymously post their issues.