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Marry your best friend – Lady advises as she shares transformation photos of herself and her husband

A mother of two posted a transformation video montage of her and her husband’s stunning change which elicited reactions on social media.

The woman, who went by the name Steph, used TikTok to put out pictures of herself and her spouse from when they first met in 2003 and from now.

She claimed that although she first met her spouse in the village in 2003, they didn’t begin dating until 2014, and their traditional nuptials took place in 2015.

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She thanked her spouse in the post, referring to him as her greatest friend and admitting that he paid for her studies and helped her realize her ambition.

She said her spouse had her go back to school and finish her studies after they had their second child.

The woman described her husband as a “supportive and loving partner” and suggested that people get married to their friends.

But why does he look like your uncle

The post was accompanied by a beautiful caption, which read,

“Marry your friend oo. E get why. I got married to the absolute love of my life. Never knew we would get married but let’s call it destiny. It is one thing to be married and it’s another to be married to a supportive and loving partner.”

The post immediately went viral, with many people shared their thoughts on the photos of the couple.

A Twitter user asked, “Is that her best friend or her uncles best friend? cos the first frame looks like he’s wayyyyy older, she looks wayyyy younger too..”

@theguyfaceless wrote, “The throwback picture screams ‘paedophilia’ but let’s agree that they were best friends then and the guy wasn’t so much older than her.”

@king_shacole added, “This is inappropriate, judging from the old picture this guy is very much older than her, how can a matured man be your best friend at that age wait are y’all seeing this or I am just the one exaggerating?”

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Man shares incredible transformation in viral TikTok video

Meanwhile, a video showcasing a man’s transformation that he shared on TikTok garnered responses from viewers.

The man identified as @trickyfreshy on TikTok left users in doubt after making the post. Several users struggled to trust the man in the video after noticing a significant difference in appearance between his old and new photos.

Nonetheless, the man appeared more interested in showing off his transformation after five years.