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15 Awesome Mid-Length Haircuts That Stand The Test Of Time

The mid-length haircut is a versatile and fashionable hairstyle that strikes a balance between short and long or a classic and contemporary hairstyle. The mid-length haircut has been gaining popularity for good reason—it’s a go-to choice for those seeking a chic, manageable, and adaptable look.

In this article, we’re going to dive deep into the world of mid-length haircuts for women, exploring the different options, styling tips, and reasons why this length is a top pick for women of all ages and lifestyles.

Whether you’re considering a change or want to freshen up your current look, a mid-length haircut might be the answer you’ve been searching for. So, let’s embark on a hair journey that’s all about finding that perfect mid-length haircut style that suits you best!

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Mid-length Haircut for Women

1. Curly Lob Mid-Length Haircut

Curly lob haircut

Embracing your natural curls makes it easier on your hair. This allows your texture and volume to shine. Ditching the chemicals and excessive heat undoubtedly improves your hair’s health. However, the first thing to do to get your natural curls shining is to learn about them. The main trick is learning your curl type and how to accentuate it.

2. Voluminous Layered Curls Mid-Length Haircut

Layered curls

This is a stunning shoulder-length hairstyle that can transform your look for any occasion. To get the right textured effect for this style, you can use a volumising shampoo and conditioner to add body and lift to your hair, then layer your hair to your style preference, but be sure it frames your facial features.

Use curling iron or hot rollers to make your curls. For a last longing effect, consider using a heat protectant spray before styling and Viola! You are ready to rock your look for any occasion.

3. Feathered Bob Mid Length Haircut

Feathered classic hairstyle

The feathered Bob is a classic hairstyle that has been popular for decades. This style combines short to mid-length hair with feathered layers, resulting in a soft, bouncy, textured look.

To rock this style to perfection, you should carefully consider the length of the hair, the layers, the texture, and face-framing to ensure it highlights the best features of your face and the styling, how you would like for it to be styled.

4. Half-up Half-Down Mid Length Haircut

Chic half up, half down hairstyle

A half-up, half-down style is simple but can be exquisitely chic when done right. This style will keep hair off your face but still feel a little more done with your length left out. You just need an elastic, a few bobby pins, and a tail comb to create clean lines.

5. Balayage Lob Mid Length Haircut

Colour colouring balayage hairstyle

This is a stylish hairstyle that incorporates hair colouring techniques. Balayage is a hair colouring technique that involves hand-painting highlights onto the hair, which as a result helps in creating a sun-kissed look.

It involves darker roots that gradually transition to lighter ends. The lob is a mid-balance between short and long hairs. To incorporate this style, make use of soft blends of colours.

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6. Low Ponytail Mid-length Haircut

Low Ponytail Mid-length Haircut

Looking for a super-low-maintenance, medium-length hairstyle that’s tailor-made for second-day hair? Then this style will do. To achieve this yourself, work in a volumizing spray and gently pull your hair back into a low ponytail.

Pull out a few pieces at the front if you want it to look less structured. It’s a versatile hairstyle that can be created with minimal effort, a hairstyle that can be worn casually for everyday occasions or dressed up for formal events. 

7. Sleek side parted Bob Mid Length Haircut

Sleek side parted haircut

This hairstyle features straight and smooth hair that falls just above the shoulders or at chin-length with a side part and ends flipped slightly inward to give fullness to the hair strands. This helps to create a sleek and polished look. However, keep in mind that you will need to get regular trims to maintain the hairstyle for a consistent, clean end. 

8. Face Framing Layers Mid-Length Haircut

Shoulder face-framing haircut

Face-framing layers are strategically cut layers of hair that are designed to enhance facial features. This style sees shoulder-grazing layers that begin just below the chin. The result is a loose style that appears longer than it is.

A face-framing hairstyle adds depth and dimension to your hair, drawing attention to your eyes and cheekbones and accentuating your best features for the best look possible. 

9. Blown Out Layers Mid-Length Haircut

Blown Out Layers Mid-Length Haircut

A blown-out layer is a hairstyle that features layers of hair that have been smoothed and styled using a blow dryer and round brush. This technique creates a voluminous and bouncy effect, with each layer of hair appearing full and sleek.

Ask your stylist for a layered shoulder-length cut, then style it into a blowout for bouncy volume for your special occasion.

10. Blunt Wavy Lob Mid-Length Haircut

Blunt Wavy Lob Mid-Length Haircut

A blunt lob is always sure to make a statement. This hairstyle typically features hair cut to a uniform length, creating a clean, straight-across appearance at the ends. The addition of waves adds texture and movement to the hair.

A sleek, hydrated, wavy texture helps the cut to stand out. A good deep conditioner and shine spray will help you to achieve this finish.

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11. Centre-parted Dishelved Blonde Bob

Blonde dishevelled bob

With medium hairstyles, you can easily part your hair down the middle without it looking flat and dull. Style your locks in messy, uneven waves for an effortlessly undone vibe. Top off the hairdo with a fresh and cool blonde colour to add some brightness to your hair.

12. Straight Wispy Bob Mid-Length Haircut

Straight Wispy Bob Mid-Length Haircut

A straight, wispy bob is a contemporary hairstyle characterised by a chin-length or slightly longer bob cut with wispy, textured ends. The hair is straightened for a sleek appearance, and the wispy ends create a soft and airy texture.

This style combines a clean, structured look with effortless, natural charm. It’s a chic and low-maintenance option for those who want a trendy yet easy-to-manage haircut.

13. Volume Three Ways Mid-length Haircut

Volume Three Ways Mid-length Haircut

You can make use of a three-part approach to recreate this look

  • Tone Change: You can notice that adding some warmth creates a brighter and bolder blonde, which flatters your skin tone and eyes!
  • Length Change: When you let go of a few inches that no longer serve your overall look, you’ll make your hair look more voluminous!
  • Height Styling: You can achieve the perfect effortless and playful movement we all love by adding height with a full-volume blowout, velcro rollers, and the appropriate curling iron.

14. Shaggy Lob Mid-Length Haircut

Shaggy Lob Mid-Length Haircut

This is a great look if you don’t want to commit to a full shag but want the essence of the effortless cut. “A great haircut when you’re bored of the one-length-ish look. This features face-framing layers starting around the nose, so you can style them like curtain bangs or curl them with the rest of the hair. Soft square layers throughout so it flows as one haircut.

15. Barely-There Layers Mid-length Haircut

Barely-There Layers Mid-length Haircut

The most appealing aspect of this haircut is its versatility. It can effortlessly be styled either straight or wavy. Layers are fantastic for reducing weight and adding dimension, but striking the right balance is essential.

Overly excessive layers can pose challenges. Therefore, ensure you have the styling skills and tools needed to manage your layers before opting for this cut.”

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16. Cut for Flattering Highlight

Cut for Flattering Highlight

Sometimes, your hair colour can have a bigger impact on your overall look than the actual haircut itself, and that’s precisely the situation here. Precut your hair into a new shape to help you visualize where the colour should go.

When working on your new colour, make sure to pay special attention to its placement to complement not only your new haircut but also your skin tone and face shape!'”

17. Blunt ends with a soft texture

Blunt ends with a soft texture

“Imagine a mid-length hairstyle with blunt ends and a soft texture – it’s trendy and adaptable. The blunt ends give your hair a clean, structured look, while the soft texture adds dimension and movement. Plus, mid-length hair is versatile, allowing you to easily switch up your style.”

18. Sunkissed Curly Bangs

Sunkissed Curly Bangs

Sunkissed curly bangs are a fantastic hairstyle choice that brings together two great elements: curly fringe and a sun-kissed colour effect. Here’s why it’s such a standout style:

  • Curly Bangs: Curly bangs, also known as curly fringe, are like a fun and expressive frame for your face. They bring personality and flair to your overall look. Whether your curls are tight and full or relaxed and beachy, you can tailor curly bangs to suit your style and hair type.
  • Sunkissed Color: When we talk about “sunkissed,” we’re talking about a natural, sun-inspired hair colour that’s oh-so-lovely. For curly bangs, this often involves weaving in subtle highlights or lighter shades within the curls. It mimics how the sun naturally lightens hair over time, creating a soft and radiant appearance.
  • Effortless Vibe: Sunkissed curly bangs radiate an easy, carefree charm. The blend of curls and sun-kissed colour creates a relaxed, beachy look that’s just perfect for casual outings and sunny seasons.

19. Modern Shag Mid Length Hair Cut

Modern Shag Mid Length Hair Cut

The modern shag, a mid-length women’s hairstyle, is all about chic, effortless style. This trendy haircut features layers of different lengths, giving it a lived-in, textured appearance. The beauty of the modern shag is its versatility – you can wear it sleek and straight or embrace its natural waves for a carefree, bohemian vibe.

With its relaxed yet polished look, the modern shag is perfect for women who want a fashionable, low-maintenance hairstyle that exudes confidence and personality.

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Mid-length hairstyles for women offer a world of possibilities, and there’s truly something for everyone. Whether you prefer the elegance of a sleek bob, the versatility of textured waves, or the timeless charm of a layered look, mid-length hair has you covered. It’s a length that provides the best of both worlds—manageability and style.

Remember, the beauty of mid-length hair lies not just in its adaptability but in its ability to enhance your unique features and suit your lifestyle. So, don’t be afraid to experiment, consult with your hairstylist, and find the mid-length hairstyle that speaks to you.

Embrace the convenience, the beauty, and the endless possibilities that mid-length hair has to offer. Your new favourite look might just be a snip away!