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Miracle no dey tire Jesus: Caterer supernaturally bounces back after pot of food pours few hours to event

On Instagram, many people were heartbroken after watching a video of a caterer’s recent mishap with food.

The caterer and her team were preparing delicacies for an event when the pot cracked and spilt all the food. All the food wasted and could not be delivered.

This incident took place on 2nd February.

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God where should I start from?

At 2:51 pm, tragedy befell her as she had to deliver food to an event in Ikeja by 7 pm. The menu consisted of 200 croaker fish, moi moi, jollof rice, fried rice, and salad. Regrettably, she wasted the jollof rice, the first meal she was preparing.

In her own words, she said, “I just heard this voice IBUKUNOLUWA DO NOT CRY , FIND SOLUTION IMMEDIATELY. I just quickly sent my girl and my cook to the market to quickly get pepper and another rice… I didn’t scatter myself or panic and we got to the event around 9pm , nobody was der yet you see this God oo, He’s such a faithful God”

Netizens flocked to the comments to thank God and share similar experiences. See some of their comments:
@rudyaucoberrie: “This is happened to me before o.. that day wasn’t funny Rara, the only difference was water don Dey dry for the rice so I scooped it out but lost some into the fire sha.”

@oyinda_babs: “Wow! The message is so inspiring! Well done ma’m, may Jehovah continue to bless your business.”

@salome_yummy_dishes_: “Have experience this too that day I just keep calm. What was going on on my mind was the pot I rented how do I explain to this woman? But finally she asked me’to repair the pot or I buy new one for her. I said okay I try to look for where to repair it but no place so I sha bought new big pot for her”

@hugleydee: “You really faced this? Trust me this lady food is top notch this event took place at ambiance club . She sabi ooooooo”

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Nigerian lady at fancy restaurant packs food in serviette

In another story, a beautiful Nigerian lady cracked many up after a video of her packing her food into a serviette paper in a fancy restaurant went viral.

The young lady was captured in the video posted on TikTok packing remnants of her meat into a serviette paper after the restaurant informed her there was no takeaway.

In the funny video, the young woman confirmed if nobody was paying attention or coming to their table and packed her meat into the serviette paper beside her food.