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Mothers deserve respect – Mum uses bicycle to carry her 3 children, video melts hearts on TikTok 

On TikTok, a video of a mother pedaling her three kids has gone viral and won over hearts. 

The mother drove the kids in an amusing fashion in the video posted on @derek.ug‘s TikTok account. 

Even though the video only lasted for seven seconds, it was plenty to show the mother giving her kids a delightful ride on a busy suburb road. 

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The most astounding thing is how she managed to ride the bike with little difficulty while gracefully transporting all three kids. 

The smaller child was first securely fastened to her back using a wrapping, acting as though it were a kangaroo pouch. 

As their mother rode away, the two other kids relaxed in their seats on the bike’s carrier.

Although it was unknown if the mother was driving the children to school, they appeared to be having a good time. 

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Mother skillfully backs her 3 babies at once

Meanwhile, an extraordinary mother has shown off her skills in how she carried her triplets together without them falling.

In the trending video, the mum of the triplets showed and pulled off a great level of strength when she carried her stout children.

The wise mother had two babies well strapped with a wrapper on her back while she carried the third on her chest.