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MTN Cheapest Data Plan 2023

For many who have been wondering if MTN has such things as ‘cheap data,’ like a few other telecom service providers, the answer is Yes! You will find MTN’s cheapest data plan and more in this article.

One way or the other, you might have been in a position where you need to get something done online.

It might be your love for social media and the content you get from it, but you are careful of your data because you don’t have enough.

Data management because of cost can be quite frustrating. Don’t worry, in this post, we will be sharing some good news for you regarding how you can enjoy cheap data.

MTN Cheapest Data Plan

Have you been looking for cheap data plans to enjoy social media or watch that video you have always wanted to? Then MTN data plan is for you. MTN provides some of the cheapest data plans of any network provider, even though a lot of people haven’t heard about it.

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MTN Cheapest Data Plans

There is a variety of cheap data plans MTN offers its subscribers. However, as cheap as it might be, what everybody wants is the cheapest.

If you can get the cheapest data plan, you can save money, and everybody wants to enjoy their satisfaction from a handful of data.


MTN Data 4 Me

MTN data for me is the second cheapest data bundle they have to offer. This package allows subscribers to purchase data at relatively low prices. Here are some of the offers you stand a chance of getting from MTN data 4me:

  • 9GB for #2000
  • 24GB for #3500
  • 2GB for #500
  • 40GB for #5000

One thing of note is that you can not access all of these data at once. Each subscriber will be offered a package based on how much data they purchase on a regular basis.

This means that when you purchase a lot of data over time, you stand a chance of mouth-watering offers from MTN data 4me.


MTN Double Data Plan

This package from MTN allows users to access double the data they purchase. For example, for data of 1GB that is purchased, you stand a chance of getting an extra 1GB which makes it 2GB.

In other words, you can get a hundred percent of the data for any bundle you purchase.

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Codes for the MTN Cheapest data

After reading through the cheapest data bundles MTN has to offer, one will be curious to know how you can get yourself subscribed to any of these bundles they have to offer. We will be giving you the steps to take to activate these bundles.

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MTN double data plan

As we have talked about earlier. MTN allows its customers to enjoy a double data subscription.

This package is available to both new and existing subscribers. You can purchase the data in different ways, either through USSD, the MTN app, or text messages.


Follow the following steps to be a part of the package

  • Open the message app on your device
  • Send “DOUBLE” to 131. A message should come in after this, just move to the next step and ignore
  • Send “PROMO” to 131`. Another message should also come up after this. Just do the same thing and ignore also
  • Send “FREE” to 131

When you complete these steps, subscribe to the data you want and start enjoying double of what you purchase. If you are a new subscriber of MTN, you can also enjoy double data from MTN. the process is different from existing subscribers.

  • SMS “PROMO” to 131. You will get a message that the process has gone through
  • Reply to the message with “1”. Another confirmation message will come in after that.
  • Then dial *131# to purchase the data bundle that you want, you will receive double of your data after you might have purchased it.

MTN Data for me

MTN data for me is another way to enjoy cheap data if you are a subscriber of MTN. the steps below show how you can access the MTN data for me:

  • Dial *121# on your mobile device
  • An on-screen prompt with several options will pop up
  • Select the number “3” by typing it in, and then click send. Option number 3 is the MTN data 4me option
  • You will see a list of data bundles that is available to you, and you can choose your preferred option

Make sure you have the amount of airtime on your mobile device for the data bundle you want to choose.



There are several cheap data plans on MTN, but in order to get the most out of MTN cheapest data plan, you must bear in mind that the MTN data 4me depends on how much data you purchase on a regular basis.

This means that the offer for one subscriber will be different from another subscriber, due to their difference in data purchase.

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