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What is the essence? Picture of mud house with DSTV dish and solar panels surfaces

A picture of a mud house in the village with modern amenities caused a stir on social media.

A Twitter user, @dexterouz11 took to the microblogging platform to share a picture of the mud house that has a DSTV satellite dish and solar panels.

The hut, just like the olden days, had leaves covering the roof for shade where two solar panels were placed; it also had a pole standing straight beside it, which held the satellite dish.

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The Twitter user who shared this picture enquired what the use of the modern amenities was considering the house’s condition.

“My friend saw this in her village. A mud house with DStv and solar energy on the roof. Does the owner only enjoy living in there? What’s the essence of this,” he said.

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Man flaunts the interior of his mud house

Meanwhile, the interior of a mud house surprised everyone as the word do not judge a book by its cover came to life.

In a viral video uploaded by one @villagehotmen_dripped on Tiktok, the interior of the hut house dropped the jaws of many netizens.

Back in the day, these houses had many people residing in them. However, the unidentified man had brought to life the modern way of beautifying an olden days house.

Adedoyin Adebisi
Adedoyin Adebisi
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