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My boyfriend dumped me to date a tenant’s daughter after I helped him build his house- Nigerian Lady reveals

A Nigerian lady has shared her heartbreaking story on the internet of how her boyfriend of many years dumped her.

In a Twitter thread, the lady, @daughter of Zion shared how her estranged partner broke up with her to marry their tenant.

According to her, she met the young man when she was 20 years old, she considered the man her first boyfriend because the boyfriend she had before him was a molester and her first consensual lovemaking was with the man who dumped her.

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She shared that at the time she started dating the young man they were both in university and she was faithful to him and never had a relationship in school.

Lady collapsed after boyfriend cheated on her

After five years, she graduated and continued her relationship with her ex whom she moved into his house. The young man and the lady started setting up for their future by building his own house, and he opened a shop for her while she was waiting for her NYSC.

The lady admitted that she was in charge of his finances because he claimed his family members were untrustworthy. Within a year, the lady had furnished the house with her man’s money because he wasn’t in Nigerian at the time.

They moved into the newly built house together and rented out an apartment in their house to a young lady and her family.

However, the lover girl’s heart got shattered to pieces when she realized her man was dating the tenant; upon hearing the information, she collapsed and was admitted to the hospital for three days.

She explained that when she asked her ex why he cheated on her, he claimed to have fallen out of love with her. She added that her ex and the tenant are now married with a kid.

The young lady said she is now 31 and still single because she saw men as beasts. She added that no one should come for anybody who hasn’t married at her age because people have different things they’ve passed through regarding relationships.

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Pharmacist dumps girlfriend after she helped get a job, marries someone else 

A man dumped his girlfriend and married someone else after she faithfully helped him look for a job.

Twitter user, Mr. Mekzy, narrated how the lady reached out to him to help her get a job for her man. 

Mekzy shared that the lady came back to him, revealing that her man got married to someone else.

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Adedoyin Adebisi
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