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My husband pays me after intimate activities – Married woman cries out

A Nigerian woman complained that her husband does not respect their marriage because he gives her money after sleeping with her.

She shared in a video that her husband pays her money after each s3xual experience. 

The woman added that he even takes her on dates to different motels where he does the same thing.

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A relationship expert posted the upset woman’s account online and claimed that the wife felt insulted since her husband treated her like a runs girl.

She stated that she found it hilarious that the guy would pay for her body while they were dating.

He keeps paying me like a runs girl

The current problem is that despite being married for three years, he continues to pay her every time they engage in s3xual activity.

Netizens shared their thoughts about the man’s weird behaviour.

@Lazzey_Kay: “Every man has his own fantasy and finds a way of fulfilling it”.

@Sean_bdx: “That’s his fetish, ride on and get all the bags needed. ??? orisirisi for this life.”

@arizzto1011: “It’s better he does it to her than doing it outside, at times you wonder, what do women want”.

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Married woman forgets to tell husband about N35 million she had

Meanwhile, a married woman shared the dilemma she had with her husband over N35 million she seemingly forgot she had in her account.

She explained to the hosts of the “I Said What I Said” podcast how she failed to inform her spouse that she had millions in her account.

According to the married woman, her father gave her money as a wedding gift, as was customary in their family.

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