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My husband says he suffers badluck in business whenever I’m unhappy- Nigerian lady cries out

A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to seek clarity over her husband’s claim of suffering bad luck in his business whenever they fight.

The young lady, identified as Chichi Peters, shared on a Christian Facebook group that her husband claimed to suffer setbacks in his business whenever they have a misunderstanding.

According to her husband, whenever they quarrel or she’s unhappy, his business suffers, and he loses customers.

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Chichi’s husband added that he was warned not to offend his wife in order to avoid such problems.

The confuzzled woman shared this and pleaded with social media users to shed light on his uncanny statement.

Reactions: Yes some people are like that

Many netizens agreed with her husband’s statement, asserting that there are people you don’t fight with or anger. See some comments below;

@Monday Osa Rejoice Iluobe: Yes some people are like that, my brother’s wife is like that. Because there is a spirit following you that don’t want you to be hurt and you might not know, while you might know

@Nancy Osaka: You are a powerful woman and you have a connection with a water spirit, and they are the ones that cause it because you are not mean to be hurt. Any man or woman that makes you shades tears, that person must have a problem, is your ndi mirri or your chi that is fighting for you. So you have to acknowledge them and believe me everything is going to be fine.

@Ella Josh: My dear the truth of the matter is that your spirit guards are strong, sensitive and don’t like seeing you angry, intimidated, or bitter. When such happen they rise to fight for you. so to avoid him having problems of such, sit your husband down and let him know all this and avoid quarrelling with him. Rather use the same means to bless him because you have the power to do that with the aid of your spirit guards. Notes: people with such gift has a spiritual calling.

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Nigerian woman serves husband empty plate of food

Meanwhile, a Nigerian woman shocked her husband when she served him an empty plate of food.

She revealed that her actions were because he refused to join her in the kitchen while she prepared the meal.

In the funny TikTok video, the man’s wife asked for his help, but he said he was tired after returning from the gym.

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