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My sister in Christ love yourself and have fun: BBN star, Angel educates fellow ladies

Popular BBN star, Angel, has advised ladies to love themselves and have fun instead of prioritizing men.

She stated this in response to a Twitter user who criticized a woman for wearing revealing clothing.

Angel encouraged women to prioritize their own happiness over societal expectations and the opinions of others.

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Life doesn’t end on social media

Angel spoke out against the perspective that women should dress modestly to attract and keep men’s attention.

The lady specifically wrote, 

Rubbish. Try to be woke all you want. It ends here on Twitter. A man that needs a wife won’t take someone like this serious. You kids are still young. You’ll reach a certain age then you’ll realize life doesn’t end on social media.

Angel did not support prioritizing men, and she criticized the lady for centering her life around men’s opinions. 

How to attract men

She also used Snapchat to educate women who don’t live their desired lifestyle to attract men.

According to her, men who prefer modestly dressed wives often cheat with women who dress like prostitutes. 

She specifically wrote,

“Every time “how to keep a man” “how to get a man to love you” “men won’t marry you if you dress like that” “how to attract men” “what example are you setting for men to choose you” my sisters in christ, love yourselves and have sum fun Lmaoo” 

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BBNaija Bella clapbacks at trolls calling her a bad cook 

In another story, BBN reality star, Bella Okagbue has stated that cooking skills is not a necessary requirement for having a good marriage.

In a tweet, Bella Okagbue shut her critics over their trolls at her, and she told them that cooking does not make the marriage work.

Bella cooked the soggy spaghetti while at Biggie’s house and received a lot of criticism from social media users.