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Na so Tinubu supporters dey do: Nigerians react to lady who spent N30k on her wedding

A Nigerian lady, Okpe Faith Tutu, has advised intending couples to opt for a court wedding if that is all they can afford.

She gave this advice using her first wedding as a case study which she claimed she spent N30,000 to organize.

Faith Tutu said that she had a simple court wedding event which she said took place in less than 10 minutes.

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Do it with your full chest

According to her, if a simple wedding was what one could afford then it is better to opt for it.

She also said one should do it unapologetically and be proud of it.

In her words:

This was my first wedding. It happened at the marriage registry, costs less than N30,000, had just two witnesses and the entire ceremony was less than 10 minutes. If this is all you can do, please do it with your full chest.

She advised that Christians might ask their pastor to pray for them, bless their marriage and they can start living together.

Faith also shared pictures of her simple wedding to backup her claim.

Reactions: This shock me oooo

Many people reacted to her post, while some criticised her for overlooking traditional marriage, others praised her for being wise. 

Kehinde: Awas amaze I don’t have problem with the court marriage if you like you can spend #1000 but how about your traditional Marriage, una no do am?

Lsf esdarfar: After consuming in different people’s occasions and complaining that you were not giving takeaway now you hide to do yours…. Na so Tinubu supporters they do

Uche Friday: You both waited this long to have this simple wedding. By my calculations your first child should be in primary school if you had decided early enough ?

Ufoma: Two people when get sense. Plus understanding

Peachy Suzy: Traditional marriage is very compulsory in Nigeria, every other ceremony depends on your pocket.

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Couple hold simple wedding ceremony with 3 guests

In another news, a groom and bride surprised many with their simple wedding ceremony with just 3 guests in attendance.

The newlyweds held their wedding in a quiet church ceremony devoid of the flash and glamour present at most weddings.

The lovely couple chose not to wear the regular bridal gowns and suits that other couples wear to celebrate their big day.