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Netizens congratulate special beauty as she signs out as a graduate (video)

A Nigerian lady with special beauty has gone viral after she made a video of her graduation signout and posted it on Tiktok.

The lady who was identified by her Tiktok username, Mowafade, shared her video and got Tiktokers to react to the milestone achievement.


Watch video below…


A big congratulations to me and myself ??????? #mowafade #makethisvideogoviral

♬ original sound – Emmanuel Adebisi

In the video, Mowafade shared the wonderful pictures she snapped with colleagues and friends during the signout.

She also snapped beautiful pictures with some children in her white signing-out t-shirts which had ink all over as is the tradition among graduates in Nigerian higher institutions.

The video came with a song of praise in the background as the various pictures she snapped shuffled nicely.

sepcial beauty

The damsel’s video has now hit 45k likes as many interested netizens keep streaming the video and commenting with their congratulations.

See Netizens’ comments below:

@ManlikeTY: “Love in the air, congrats.”

@user2490437775735: “A very big congratulations dear.”

@eiyhaborallyround: “Congratulations to you dear.”

@daranijoidris: “Congratulation more blessing.”

@Queen Niffy: “Congratulations ma’am.”

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