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The school should sack him immediately: Netizens fume as teacher is caught eating student’s food

A class teacher has been exposed on the social space after he was caught red-handed eating his student’s food.

In a video making rounds on social media, the male teacher was captured devouring a meal belonging to one of his wards.

The teacher used the child’s fork to scoop a spoonful of the student’s food which was spaghetti and ate it without realising that he was being recorded.

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The man raised his head up while chewing the food and found out that he has been put on camera, he immediately turned his head out of shock, however, the deed has been done.

Reactions: Some students’ food dey tempting

While many netizens laughed and sympathized with the teacher for being too hungry hence couldn’t resist, others requested that the school authority sack him. See some comments below;

@voc.sun: Some students food dey tempting jare, no vex

@dj_joe_silver: Parents self go Garnish food any how give children in front of their teachers

@queenofdsun: Jesus and d food dey fall from his mouth back to d child plate, also using d child spoon 😢 can dey pls send him to life imprisonment? This is wickedness 😢😢 or maybe send him to psychiatric hospital

@wisdomcounsellin: Moral Lesson: have self control. Respectfully

@obmasgold9_21: The school authorities should sack him immediately

@queen_vaughan: A person that Lacks self discipline and self control can do beyond this uncaught. If this is not a skit, this behavior is unacceptable because the comments here are making it look like it’s a norm in naija schools. Hope this is the worse thing he has ever done tori pe, I don’t understand 😕

@dela_glamour: Hungry teacher 😢 only God knows how much he’s earning at d end of d month

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Teacher makes video of little Nigerian boy drinking garri in food flask

Meanwhile, a teacher shared a video in which one of her students had soaked garri as lunch during break time. 

The boy ate his simple meal without minding who was looking at him. The teacher zoomed in to capture his face on camera.

Someone reacted to the video and asked the teacher @ifunanys, if she bought him a better meal afterwards instead of just making a TikTok clip and she said “yes”. 

Adedoyin Adebisi
Adedoyin Adebisi
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