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Netizens react as photos of Nigerian triplets as they celebrate their 50th birthday surfaces 

Viral images of triplets in Nigeria who celebrated their 50th birthday have elicited heartfelt comments from internet users on social media.

To celebrate their golden jubilee, the triplets whose names were withheld were seen donning matching clothes.

When pictures of triplets as adults surfaced online, many users were amazed.

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Nigerians on social media responded warmly to the photographs, saying how happy they were to see the triplets as adults.

Social media reactions 

@temms_o: “This is beautiful 😍we hardly come across pictures of triplets as adults. We see more of the baby pictures.”

@thriftfabulous: “Beautiful, this is the first time I am seeing triplets this age ❤️”

@beambhola: “So beautiful!😍😍😍 I pray I live to see my triplets grow old 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼”

@edistimable: “Man this is the most beautiful pic on the internet abeg”

@busola_onatoye:“I hv never seen a grown triplet and this is wowing me. I love 😍 😍 😍”

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Nigerian mum welcomes triplets, shows off pictures

Meanwhile, a beautiful video capturing the pregnancy journey of a woman who gave birth to a set of triplet warmed the hearts of many social media users.

The video which was posted by the woman, @kachyprecious_ on TikTok showed her when she was pregnant and her beautiful kids after she gave birth.

In the short video, @kachyprecious_ showed herself when she was heavily pregnant with her extremely large baby bump, then showed herself in the maternity ward and when she was wheeled into the labour room.