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Sumo wrestling starter pack: Netizens react to chubby baby’s energetic dance video

Netizens have reacted to a trending video of a sweet, chubby baby dancing.

The toddler was seen twirling around inconsolably in the Instagram video while his mother captured the action. He appeared to be of Asian origin.

In this heartwarming video uploaded on Instagram by @naturelifeok, the baby boy was in a body-fit red sleepsuit.

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Please take him to a doctor

While some netizens found the baby adorable, others feared he may be battling with a medical condition and expressed huge concerns. See some of their reactions:

@d3mon.ic.adi: “Sumo wrestling starter pack”

@jwhooley_21: “Good source of protein right there”

@kuntala_duttadutta: “please take him to doctor”

@uglyfingers_: “I’m not a special f*****g genius, but I’m pretty sure you can tell this is not just average overeating weight gain. There is probably a gland or hormonal issue at play here. You are quick to judge and say it’s for health reasons. If you’ve ever even been appropriately educated on the subject of diabetes and pre-diabetes, you know the weight gain certainly doesn’t look like that! Even on a baby, you can tell this is not from ONLY overeating.”

@shreddy_betty: “The comparisons between the organs of an alcoholic and those of a child who over eats sugar and processed foods are highly similar. I can’t believe how many people don’t know the evils of sugar is and how it’s literally addictive like a drug. We are messing up big time.”

@assignment_mzt: “Not funny….pls he needs help”

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Nigerian lady burns her 2-month-old baby

In another story, a lady identified as Faith Ferdinand Odimma was exposed on social media for perceived mental instability.

The claims arose after the 200-level English student at the University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, burned her innocent baby to calm her emotions.

The young lady had an argument with her baby’s daddy and acted out bitter feelings toward the poor child. All these took place in Alakahia, in the city of Port Harcourt.