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Never involve yourself in your husband’s business- Nigerian woman married for 53 years advises

A Nigerian woman has shared a beautiful story of how she stayed with her husband for 53 years in peace and understanding.

The 74-year-old grandma while having a chat with Dailytrust Podcast explained how important it is for a young woman to not poke nose into her husband’s matter as long as he is providing for her and their children.

She shared that she has lived in peace with her husband because she has always focused on her business and never meddle in his business.

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She explained that he sent their children abroad and she’s now a grandmother of five kids. She advised that women should try as much as possible to be independent and that her education is one of the reasons why she’s where she is today.

Focus on your business, not your husband’s matter

“I married my husband in 1963 and my advice for ladies is once your husband is feeding you, looking after your children and you are lucky he has given you money to do your business, do it but don’t involve yourself in his own business, that’s where the trouble starts and then the impact of my education helped,” she said.

The hardworking woman quietly registered her non-government organisation where she has been able to carry out a project of doing boreholes in rural areas.

When asked by the interviewer what she thinks about the dressing of women nowadays, the 74-year-old mother of four said she doesn’t care about the dressing of other females because people have different tribes, cultures and religions.

She said that at one point in her life, she used to wear short clothes and even use extensions for her hair however she is now a changed person and can’t even go two minutes without covering her hair.

“Look at me now, I won’t even in two minutes remove, only when I am doing ablution. I have change now, I have strengthened my religion,” she said

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Woman tells married ladies to take their husband as their first priority

Meanwhile, a Nigerian woman advised married women to prioritize their husbands ahead of their kids.

The woman, identified as Gregory Eunice, shared the piece of advice via a post on Facebook.

She said many women make the mistake of putting their children ahead of their husbands in the marriage.

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