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Don’t go near him abeg: Newly-married woman begs other women to leave husband alone

Omowunmi Sandra, a Nigerian woman who recently got married to her husband, Abdul Gafar, has made a heartfelt appeal to women, urging them to respect her marital union.

Taking to Facebook on Tuesday, May 16, she shared her emotional message.

With genuine concern and a touch of vulnerability, Omowunmi publicly declared that her husband is unquestionably committed to her in the eyes of the law.

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Sharing her message on Tuesday, Omowunmi’s words carried the weight of her love and commitment as she addressed the women who may be unaware of her relationship status. With a sense of protection and possessiveness, she wrote:

“Pls he is married to me, no go near him Abeg 💍🤲🏼🤲🏼.”

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Married women have no business on Facebook – Nigerian man

Meanwhile, Greg Childera, a young Nigerian man, recently shared his opinion on Facebook that married women should not use the social network.

He expressed that it makes no sense for them to be on Facebook and that they should face their home and build it instead.

According to him, being on Facebook is a waste of time for those women, in addition to the fact that the internet corrupts them.