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Nigerian corper passes bus stop because of beautiful girl

  • A National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) volunteer rode beyond his bus stop after spotting a stunning woman. 
  • The man saw the girl on the same bus that he had taken while he was returning from somewhere. 
  • He took a quick video on the bus that went viral and received a lot of feedback from his TikTok fans.

The National Youth Service Corps, NYSC, member posted a video on TikTok to describe how he passes bus stop to chase a beautiful girl. 

He said he was in transit and he saw the fine girl on the same bus he boarded and he liked her so much. 

After the girl’s beauty entered his eyes, he decided to toast her, but first, he must find a way to get her attention. 

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Thisis is why he intentionally passes bus stop to ask for her number which she obliged to

The corps member captioned the video: “I have passed my own junction and I have been following her for the past two hours, waiting for her to drop so I can have good convo with her. She no gree come down.”

Corper passes bus stop to woo girl

Netizens poked holes in his crazy plan as he passes bus stop to chyke her.

@Jambay said: “You fit collect her number make she no reply or pick your call.” 

@theCARfy asked: “With that your 33k wey neva settle you?” 

@officialdemmylade1 asked: “I hope say you get enough money to go back?”

@A.Y SZN said: “Corper you dey toast babe for bus?”

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Female corper gave a student hot slap for toasting her in school

Meanwhile, a female corper gave a student hot slap for toasting her in school and caused a stir online and reduced the audacity of students nationwide.

A viral video shows a heated confrontation between a female corps member and a male student.

The incident occurred within the school premises when the young student, still in his uniform, approached the corps member to express his affection for her.

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