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I don waka by 3 months: Nigerian father forces infant son to sit properly

In a viral video, a Nigerian father expressed his frustration at his infant son’s inability to sit by himself at three months old.

He seated the infant on a couch in a video and explained his experience to the little baby.

He humorously asserted that he had begun walking at the age of three months.

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In his words: “You will be four months by 5th. You’re supposed to be sitting down properly. Your mother is forcing you to sit and you’re complaining. You have to be sitting down because me I was walking. 

“You can ask your grandma. When I was three months, I was already running. You have to sit down properly without any support. You’re a man. Men are strong people.” 

The pikin already know say you dey lie

Reacting to his father’s drama, the baby looked at his father and made giggled at him 

@quality6970 said: “This child will know the kind of mumu man he got as a father.” 

@user3765539036902 stated: “This child is so stubborn the way is arguing to the lies like father like son.” 

@congole6073 noted: “The child shall be more stubborn than than the father!! At that age he doesn’t even believe what his father is lying.” 

@hajamariamakarg59 added: “Two weeks after my birth i was the chair person on my mums wedding anniversary.”

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Lady marries her ex-boyfriend’s father

Meanwhile, a lady has shocked many after she revealed that she married her ex-boyfriend’s father and she’s now his mother.

It is not new to see young ladies get married to older men; however, in a TikTok video posted by one @wuunam, a young lady revealed that she’s very happy with her decision to marry her ex-lover’s dad.

The lady captioned a video of herself and her ex-boyfriend with a text that read, “when people think you are still in love with your stepson (ex-boyfriend).”