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No get belle o – Nigerian lady advises newly married couples who plan to relocate abroad not to have kids

A Nigerinan lady residing in the United Kingdom has shared valuable advice for newlyweds who are planning to relocate abroad.

In a viral video, the young lady strongly recommended that couples who do not have children yet should delay starting a family until after they have successfully made the move.

She emphasized the importance of prioritizing the relocation process without the added responsibility of children. The woman encouraged couples who have plans to move to the UK within the next one to two years to resist any external pressure to have children before achieving their relocation goals.

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Her reasoning behind this advice is the potential financial burden that comes with having children before the move. In order to relocate with children, couples are required to provide proof of funds for each child, which can be a significant expense.

Instead, she suggested that couples focus on the relocation process first and establish a stable foundation in the UK. Once they have settled down and are in a better financial position, they can then consider starting a family.

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Nigerian lady who sold akpu celebrates as she relocates to UK

In another story, a pretty Nigerian lady who earned a living by selling fufu relocated to the United Kingdom.

The young lady, identified as @Prettyfailuch, recounted how she used to sell fufu while in Nigeria to survive.

Her diligence with the business paid off, and she has now found a new lease of life outside the shores of Nigeria.