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He used our wedding money for gambling- Nigerian lady calls off marriage to her man

A Nigerian lady has cancelled her wedding after she found out that her boyfriend of 8 years used money for their wedding preparation to gamble and lost it.

The frustrated lady, identified as Linda, shared her experience via an anonymous message on an online dating platform.

According to her, she knew about his gambling habit but assumed he would end his attitude after their marriage.

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However, she got the shock of her life when he went as far as using the money they planned to fund their special day on gambling which he unfortunately lost. The young woman quickly called off their marriage when she realized he wouldn’t change his habit.

“Gambling and betting actually ended my relationship of 8 years, when we were about getting married. I am a lady, I was thinking he would change, he plays the betting they call virtual “baby”, the money meant for the wedding preparation he wasted it in that game, I had to cancel the wedding,” she narrated.

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Bride cancels wedding after discovering groom’s secret

Meanwhile, a Nigerian bride cancelled her wedding the day before the fixed date after discovering secrets, pertaining to her groom’s life.

What the bride suspected to be a love letter turned out to be a marriage-wrecking weapon, a bomb that blew in her face.

This sad but interesting story was shared on Twitter by @Dexterouz11, where the young woman explained that she called it off because she found out he had a debt to pay.

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