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Don’t mess with my family – Nigerian lady ends relationship after man tells her to stop helping her family

A young Nigerian woman shared how she left a relationship that was headed toward marriage due to his opinion towards helping family members.

She disclosed that she called off her engagement because the man constantly complained about how much money she used to support her family.

The woman with Twitter handle @zynnnie ended the conversation by stating that she would not allow anyone interfering with her family.

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She wrote:

“Mess with my family & you got to go!!! Mess with your own family & you got to go too. I don’t do well with unreasonable mistreatment of family members. Byyeeeee.”

He doesn’t take care of his family, that’s why

Netizens were in support of her decision to end the relationship and shared their similar experiences.

@ChinonsoMartins said: “This happened to my sister years ago, the brother told her once they were married she would forget anything concerning her family. Today my sister is in U.S, this guy can’t even match her. No disrespect, just how things are now.”

@royaldon042 commented: “How I wish I have a woman like you. Biko keep that believe forever, there’s nothing like family.”

@Nomathenda wrote: “I dont think any1 wud have a problem with a person sending money home if they could afford everything…”

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Angry man ends relationship with girlfriend because of meat

In another news, a lady has shocked many by revealing that her man broke up with her because of meat.

The lady revealed it on Date rush, Ghana’s biggest reality show and it triggered mixed emotions.

Everyone who was on set with her expressed shock as they tried to fathom how meat could wield such power.