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Some men will disgrace you: Nigerian lady gets served yam and oil on first date

A young Nigerian lady caused a stir on Twitter as she shared photos of a meal served her by a man she visited. Her shock and disappointment was rooted in the fact that she was visiting this man for the first time.

From her tweet, the lady, @nihiinn, shared that the man she visited served her boiled white yam and palm oil. It was obvious from that post that she had looked forward to having a luxurious meal at the man’s place.

The said man was only able to get her a plate of white yam and palm oil, and a sachet of water to wash it down.

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Netflix and chill gone wrong

The lady was displeased when she was served her meal, so much so that she took a snapshot of the food and posted it on Twitter. As a Nigerian lady, many netizens did not expect her to be so disappointed.

In place of sympathy, she was rather attacked by users of the bird app. Many shamed her for not being grateful and expecting too much. Others said the man’s action was a gesture of true love.

Some of the comments are seen below:

@dominnos: “Snapping the food and posting online is huge disrespect. What if he sees this?”

@iam_jhessica: “I don’t see anything wrong with that. Except you have allergies to yam and palm oil.”

@nnenna_blinks_: “I will eat it and give him a kiss on the forehead. That is one of my fav food. At least he fed your belly. Probably that is all he had to offer.”

@saucybright: “So wats wrong with it. If u don’t want to eat simply say thanks to him. At least he z not like me that doesn’t have anything to offer.”

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I left him because he refused to marry me – Nigerian lady cries out

In other news, a lady left her boyfriend with whom she lived for 8 years because he refused to propose and marry her.

The young woman shared her plight on TikTok, informing the world that her boyfriend of many years has refused to propose to her, so she decided to pack out of the apartment they’ve been sharing.

She explained that they have two children together, yet he has not made up his mind to marry her.