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She no fear God – Nigerian lady reports Redeemed Church to LASEPA for noise pollution

A Nigerian woman reported the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) to the Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency for noise pollution.

The woman identified as Oreoluwa, revealed this in a tweet on January 28. 

She tweeted that she was relieved the agency called her and promised to fix the issue.

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Oreoluwa explained that she reported the church to the organization out of frustration.

She said the church had three services a week and it was hard for her to sleep or accept calls because of the noise from the place.

Her words: “What inspired me was frustration. “It was a Sunday morning, barely 7am and the praise and worship from the church some buildings away woke me up before I was ready.”

“This happens every time they have a service, three times a week. It was also too loud for me to take phone calls or focus on anything at all.” 

The noise reduced after the report

Continuing, Oreoluwa shared how she took action. 

“So, I opened my internet browser, searched for LASEPA’s contact lines and filled the complaint form.” 

After she filed the complaint, Oreoluwa shared that the pollution was no longer the same as it had been when she was asked for feedback. 

The agency’s assurance that she should call again if nothing changes made her feel relieved.

Netizens were impressed by the agency’s response and shared their similar experiences.

@Temi_tables said: “My church stopped putting their speaker outside thanks to a random man that reported them to LASEPA. 

“It never made sense to me that I could hear my church from my house that’s 2 street away.” 

@jaduschocolata_ wrote: “There was this mosque directly opposite my house back then.”

They legit didn’t have more than 25-30 worshippers max, but the kind of loudspeakers and equipments they use ehnnn …one of the loudspeakers was even facing my room window directly…omoooo.” 

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New naira notes confusion: Church rejects old notes as tithes and offering

Meanwhile, the earlier issued date by the CBN Governor for the expiration of the old naira notes as legal tender made churches reject the old notes.

Tribuneonlineng reported that some churches in Edo state refused the old naira notes as offerings and tithes on Sunday.

This is probably because they were afraid they would not meet the first deadline of the old notes.

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