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Nigerian lady resigns her job, sells her house, gives the N23.4m proceed to Pastor Mackenzie

News emerged that an air hostess with a high-flying position in Doha, Qatar gave up everything to join Pastor Mackenzie’s church.

Ajenta Beatrice Charles just recently became a member of the church, and her close friend Anna described how the woman quit her work and followed her parents into the church to fast, which resulted in the deaths of tens of people. 

According to a Ghetto Radio story, the woman met her friend a few days before she went to Shakahole village to starve because she believed she would see Jesus, as Mackenzie had promised his followers. 

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On April 4, 2023, a nervous-looking Betty had a brief encounter with her best friend Anna and left her with a necklace with a picture of her son Jason.. 

“She never took that necklace off, no matter what. It was always on her neck. I called her back to let her know she had left it behind, but she asked me to keep it,” Anna said. 

That would be the last time Anna saw her friend Betty because she made futile attempts in the days that followed to learn where she was. 

Betty is still nowhere to be found

Betty reportedly gave the pastor the $51,000 she received from the sale of her home, which is equivalent to N23.4 million, according to African Facts Zone. 

She reportedly sold her property and gave the cash to the cult leader, according to The Mirror. 

It was said that Betty’s parents, who are senior members of Pastor Mackenzie’s church, deliberately starved to death both Betty and her nine-year-old son Jason. He passed away in March 2023. 

Constance Chao, Betty’s sister, also left the military to join the cult, and her husband has no idea if she is still alive or dead.

“My wife too left her military job after her sister quit hers, and they left,” Chao’s husband, Abbas informed The Standard that he had been at the exhumation site looking for her and Betty. 

The whereabouts of Betty and Constance’s brother Michael are still a mystery. 

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Nedu Wazobia reveals that Lagos pastor sleeps with female members

Meanwhile, radio presenter, Nedu Wazobia has made another controversial claim regarding Lagos people and the unethical amorous relationships they engage in.

This time, the controversial podcaster has alleged that a certain famous pastor in Lagos sleeps with his female congregations.

According to him; the man and his wife pastor the church together and the same pastor, notwithstanding sleeps around with his members.