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See his face — Nigerian Lady shames her Dad for eating her food after abandoning her and her siblings for years

A Nigerian lady has ignited an outrage on social media and has come under the knife of netizens for publicly embarrassing her father.

Identified as @shashadancequeen on TikTok, she shared a video of her dad helping himself to a meal she prepared for him.

She then went on to make despicable comments about him, because he did not cater for his children when they were younger.

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Netizens react: He is still your father

Many netizens did not seem to be on her side, and insisted that she took it too far.

user8634518847908: “u dnt have to do this. he is still ur father”

glorianyanzi223: “now your not different from him what you have done is wickedness ?”

aldorazy: “Feed him well judgement isn’t yours to take allow God do the rest.”

morgan patience8789: “How wish mine is still alive so he can eat anything he want with my money ?


My dad abandoned us and nver cared but rather invested his money on strange women and still have no remorse till date he feels he is on his right he nver cared about our feeding education and shelta he made us homeless most times follow me on my page for more stories

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Nigerian lady laments as a man she tried to chyke rejects her

Meanwhile, a Nigerian lady has shared with netizens how she got rejected by a man she tried to woo online.

Bringing their chats to the surface, she expressed her displeasure over the fact that her charms didn’t ensure her success.

Due to the emotional trauma, she gave up on ever approaching men first. She shared this on her Twitter handle @NanaFirdausiii