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You dey advise destiny helper? – Nigerian lady throws out elder sister after she advised her about men

A Nigerian lady was short of words after her younger sister threw her out of her house because she advised her against bringing men home.

The elder sister shared a startling video showing when her younger sibling was throwing her bags out of the house.

She captioned it saying, “My own sister telling me to leave her house because I gave her advice to stop bringing different men o. Not only one man.”

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Use the respect and get house

The lady vowed not to leave as she slammed her sister for being disrespectful. In response, her sister named, Chinonye told her to use the respect to get a house.


don’t ever disrespect your senior ones in life no matter what

♬ original sound – maryvin

Chinonye wondered when it was proper for elder ones to live with younger ones.

In a new video, Chinonye permitted her to stay in the house but she should try to get a house for herself.

Netizens were startled by the younger one’s actions and condemned her for her disrespect. However, others had the opinion that the elder sister had no right to advise her.

Chinedu Macdonald said: “This is the reason why there’s so much moral decay in our society today. The amount of people siding the sister for being promiscuous is sad.”

artyuleyule wrote: “Just leave it’s her house.”

queenzee9336 commented: “Nne, you dey her house and yes because it is her house and her rules.”

duskdawn68 added: “No vex. I understand this kinda family wahala…. if you need any advice, let me know.”

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Nigerian woman catches her younger sister knacking her husband

In another news, a Nigerian lady who caught her younger sister making love with her husband has said she’s going mad.

She said that her job as a caterer takes her time and so she usually ask her younger sibling to serve her husband while she’s away at work.