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I saw shege – Nigerian lady in UK packs her things and leaves, says london is for the rich in viral video

After announcing her departure from London, a Nigerian woman living in the UK stirred up social media reactions.

On TikTok, Adegboyega Esther posted a video demonstrating how she assembled her possessions before moving out.

She lamented on the outrageous cost of living in London, stating that it was only affordable for the wealthy and not for her.

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When looking for funding, Esther encouraged netizens to stay away from London and the surrounding area.

She wrote: “Finally moved out of London. “We saw shege!!! “No!!! Shege banza. London is for the rich not upcoming JJC Naija breed like us. “In all we thank God. In getting your sponsorship, avoid London and its environs especially if u hv battalion like us.” 

Social media reactions 

Some had differing opinions but the majority agreed with Esther.

@Blessing Chinaza: “People say London is expensive but in the real sense. it is not. the only thing expensive is that the houses are small for its price.” 

@Omolewa Akinpelu: “This reminded me of when we moved into our first house, I had just 3 suitcases by the time we were moving out after a year we had to hire a big truck.” 

@Samzain: ”I don’t like outside London because if you want to buy Africa food expensive and it’s hard to find too.” 

@OLA: ”I’m still seeing Shege in Crawley close to Gatwick airport. Nothing can be compared to Birmingham where I schooled, sponsorship made me moved.” 

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Nigerian married woman living in UK explains how she survives

Meanwhile, Opeyemi Adetunji, a Nigerian woman who moved to the United Kingdom, shared her survival strategy with social media users.

A psychologist and fashion enthusiast, Opeyemi cooks large quantities of food and divides them into smaller portions, which she then stores in the freezer.

In a TikTok video, Opeyemi demonstrated how she prepared various meals, such as fried meats, jollof rice, and spaghetti, before packing them into small resealable bags.