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Things dey happen o – Nigerian lecturer surprises students with gifts in class

Nigerian lecturer surprises students with gifts in class
  • The kind act of a Nigerian lecturer towards his students has gone viral on TikTok. 
  • In the video, the lecturer was seen distributing presents to the entire class, including cups, books, and soap. 
  • The pupils are seen walking up to the platform grinning and appreciative of the unexpected gift.

On TikTok, a touching video of a Nigerian professor surprising students with gifts went viral.

The lecturer was shown in the video shocking the entire class with a variety of gifts.

The gifts range from books and soap to cups, and it was clear that the lecturer wanted to show her appreciation for her pupils’ diligence and hard work.

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With smiles on their faces, the children were seen making their way up to the stage one at a time, expressing their appreciation and excitement for the surprise gesture.

Additionally, the professor appeared content and glad to be able to assist her students with gifts or in any manner she could. 

Numerous users praised the lecturer for her generosity and the students for their appreciation in the video.

Nigerian lecturer surprises students with gifts in class

Lecturer surprises students with gifts 

The video serves as a heartwarming illustration of the positive impact a lecturer may have on her student’s lives.

Bilkeedogo “Wow so nice I love her fisabilillah! the way she dresses Masha Allah.” 

UthmanMother: “ABU Zaria is the best school in Nigeria.” 

Ramlah: “Mother 63 that’s what they call her…. even the one who passed out. may Allah reward her for putting a smile on the face of others. Ameen.”

AAhunter: “This can only be my alma mater.”

ZaynabOmar: “That’s wonderful, the way lecturers are struggling nowadays.”


The best lecturer fr💯❤️❤️❤️ #viral

♬ You Are The Reason – Calum Scott

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Nigerian lecturer cuts schoolgirls’ braids with scissors

Meanwhile, a trending video of a lecturer chopping off a female student’s braids has received a range of reactions on social media.

The lecturer from Benson Idaho University was clearly focused on cutting the hair in the viral video.

@real_peace_seven07 published the clip on her  Tik-tok page with the caption: “When you know the kind of school you are going and you are forming jagaban. I love my school so much.”

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