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Nigerian man abandons wife and newborn at hospital after delivery of another girl child

In a shocking incident that left many in disbelief, a Nigerian man reportedly abandoned his wife and newborn at a hospital in Lagos. This was after the wife gave birth to another girl child.

According to a tweet from a nurse in the hospital, the couple arrived at the facility on March 31st. The wife was taken to the delivery room and after a few hours, she successfully delivered a healthy baby girl. But the husband’s reaction was unexpected.

Upon learning that his wife had given birth to another girl, the husband became visibly upset and agitated.

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Having female kids is not the woman’s fault

One would think that in this era when every child is seen as equal and precious, such things wouldn’t exist. It was really displeasing that the hospital staff decided to take it to Twitter.

The nurse, known as @kemziekayy, wrote in her tweet:

“I can’t believe in this day and age some Nigerian men still don’t know that having all female kids isn’t the woman’s fault…that’s how this man hasn’t come to see his wife in the hospital since she gave birth 3 days ago because she had another girl.”

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Couple sues hospital after they discover their 5-year-old child isn’t theirs

In other news, after learning that they are not the child’s biological parents, a couple filed a lawsuit against their hospital.

The father had a DNA test done, which, according to Twitter user @Jupinapapi3, indicated he was not the child’s father.

He confronted his wife, who maintained that since she hadn’t cheated on him, the child had to be theirs.

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